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Benefits of Hiring Our Residential Flooring Experts to Do Hardwood Flooring

The residential flooring service or specifically, hardwood flooring, that Two Brothers Cleaning and Floor Maintenance in Mt Vernon, NY offers has unique advantages over other types of flooring. It is well-known for enhancing the value and comfort of newly constructed and remodeled homes. With the proper upkeep, nearly all types of wood flooring can survive for decades. In actuality, hardwood flooring is the greatest option for the reasons listed below.

Wood flooring is traditional

For each color scheme and decorating style, wood flooring is perfect. Wood floors will continue to look lovely and feel cozy even when carpets are damaged beyond repair or vinyl floors suffer irreparable harm. Minor flaws can lend character to various types of hardwood surfaces, but even severely damaged wood floors can be restored and sanded rather than being completely replaced.

Wooden flooring is robust

Even though other materials will never be as robust as wood, you can still have floors that can withstand your active lifestyle. Due to its great density, wood is a naturally strong and resilient material that is less prone to dents and scratches than weaker floors, which can leave unattractive and permanent scars. Use a tougher wood, such as Ipe, Brazilian teak, or hickory, if durability is a concern.

Long lifespan of hardwood flooring

The lifespan of hardwood flooring is long! You may expect hardwoods to have many years of utility and beauty because the damage is most likely to diminish their lifespan and reduce their durability. There are known to be older, more resilient woods. It is advised that you apply a maintenance coat to your hardwood floors to extend their life and avoid having to completely refinish and sand them. You shouldn’t need to refinish and sand your flooring if you perform this maintenance coat occasionally.

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